'No comment': Watch the Russian banker who met with Kushner in December flee from a CNN reporter
Sergey Gorkov (Screengrab / CNN)

CNN reporter Matthew Chance confronted the Russian banker at the center of a December meeting with Jared Kushner, a meeting federal investigators are closely scrutinizing as part of the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Sergey Gorkov—who’s the head of a Russian bank and is described as having “close ties to Vladimir Putin”—was “totally unwilling to speak” to CNN, according to Chance. But on Wednesday, the network managed to track Gorkov down at a school.

“What did you really speak to Jared Kushner about in New York when you met him in December,” Chance asked Gorkov.

“No comment,” Gorkov replies.

“Did you talk about sanctions?” Chance pressed, as Gorkov’s bodyguards ushered the Russian banker into a separate room.

“Were you a conduit to the Kremlin?” the CNN reporter asked.

Watch the video below, via CNN: