Olbermann blasts 'subhuman' Sean Hannity for making up fake news to cover up Trump’s failed presidency
Keith Olbermann (Photo: Screen capture)

Keith Olbermann broadcast an angry rebuke of Fox News and Sean Hannity

The GQ Special Correspondent used his THE RESISTANCE platform to describe Fox News as, "these subhuman creatures, these Trump apologists."

"It underscores yet again the lengths to which those who enabled Trump to seize power in our country will defend that power and him," Olbermann reported. "There are no standards, there are no morals, there are no ethics, there are only Kellyanne Conway's alternative facts."

The longtime sports and politics broadcaster suggested that all of the conspiracy mongering is to divert attention from the investigations into the Trump campaign.

"That is the case for the defense of Donald Trump and the Trump campaign and the Trump White House and the Russians," Olbermann charged. "And they can all burn in hell."

According to sources who spoke to The Daily Beast, Fox News staffers are "befuddled" and "embarrassed" by Sean Hannity still peddling debunked conspiracy theories.

Watch the full video below: