CNN political commentator and Republican communications strategist Paris Dennard tried his best to spin President Donald Trump's historically illiterate remarks about Andrew Jackson -- but Bill Press was there to quickly shut him down.

During a panel discussion about Trump's questioning why the Civil War needed to happen, Dennard tried to make the case that Trump was simply asking the question to help educate the public and to make sure that nothing like the Civil War ever happens again in the United States.

"Maybe he's saying more people need to ask the question: Why?" Dennard said.

Press then proceeded to bring down the hammer.

"That is the most nonsensical statement I've ever heard on any television program before," he said. "We all know why there was a Civil War: Because Southern states treated people inhumanely. Immoral slavery existed, they refused to give it up... where did Donald Trump get his history degree from, Trump University?"

Dennard, however, refused to concede the point.

"In a day and age where people are still denying the Holocaust, we can go back and ask why Hitler went on to exterminate so many Jews," he said.

Dennard then accused Press of wanting to forget the lessons of history, and said that he wanted to "do away with the Holocaust Museum, do away with the new African American Museum."

CNN's Kate Bolduan interjected at this point and said it wasn't fair to say Press wanted to get rid of the Holocaust Museum.

When Dennard tried to make the case about the Holocaust Museum again, Press rolled his eyes and shouted, "Oh come on, get out of here!"

Watch the full segment below.