'SO F*CKING UNHINGED': Internet erupts after White House sends out bizarrely glowing Trump statement
Pres. Donald Trump gives an angry response during an interview (Screen capture)

After the White House issued a bizarre statement touting President Donald Trump's "magnetic personality," some Twitter users couldn't hold back on the hilarity.

"Suppose it would've been a bit on the nose for the WH to come right out and refer to Donald as 'Dear Leader'," actor and activist George Takei tweeted.

Takei wasn't the only one who heard echoes of North Korea's forced obsession with their leaders.

"Supreme Ruler does indeed make us feel special and makes our hunger go away," another user tweeted.

"Some will say bizarre statements like this are an attempt to distract but the truth is the WH isn't that coordinated," another Twitter user said.

Read some of the best responses below: