White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer pushed back hard on Wednesday against the notion that President Donald Trump had tricked voters by leaving existing border fence in place instead of building a wall as he had promised during the campaign.

After Breitbart correspondent Charlie Spiering pointed out that Trump was not "fighting for the wall that he promised," Spicer shared an photograph of a broken border fence.

"Those images represent our nation's current border security," Spicer said. "So every time that [undocumented immigrants] cut through, break through, it's costing just under a thousand bucks for us to go out and have to fix."

According to the press secretary, Trump's budget provides over $300 million to replace 40 miles of "border fencing."

"Just one question about the photos," Spiering interrupted. "Are those photos of fences or walls."

Spicer insisted that his photos were of walls, even though he referred to them as fences earlier.

"There are various types of walls that can be built under the legislation that was just passed," he opined.

"That is a fence," Spiering said.

"That is called a levee wall," Spicer replied.

"It's not the wall the president promised," CNN correspondent Jim Acosta observed.

"Hold on, Jim, we're going to take turns," Spicer said.

"So you're basically just telling the president's supporters to be satisfied with this existing tough-guy fencing thing until he's ready to build the wall?" Spiering asked.

"No!" Spicer exclaimed. "What I'm telling anybody is that the president said he's going to build a wall and he's doing it. And he's using the best technology."

"That's what I'm telling you."

Watch the video below.