'The US is no longer a leader': Dan Rather excoriates Trump's 'ignorant' Paris climate deal withdrawal
Dan Rather speaking at SXSW 2017

In his most recent Facebook post, famed journalist and commentator Dan Rather decried President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement as "the height of folly, where greed, cynicism, shortsightedness and ignorance triumphed over intelligence and leadership."

Though "the implications for this action are far-reaching," Rather expressed "hope that the rest of the world will move on, and the forces in this country at the state, local, and corporate level can lessen some of the repercussions."

"Although Mr. Trump at his age and with his wealth will likely be immune to most of the long term consequences of his action," Rather wrote, "his descendants and those of his willing enablers will not."

The president's decision to pull from this important climate agreement, Rather wrote, makes it clear "that the United States is no longer a leader."

"We have ceded the moral high ground to countries like those in Europe and even China who have no trouble understanding science and reason," he said. Ignoring this "long-term threat" to global health, Rather claims, proves that some Americans are "buying into an antiquated view of our global environment that will only isolate us and diminish us."

"These are the stakes," Rather concluded. "Our elected leaders need to feel the heat - not only the thermostat but at the ballot box."

Read Rather's entire post on the Paris climate agreement below, via Facebook.