Trump demanded loyalty from FBI director James Comey -- 'Comey demurred' and then he was fired: NYT
Former FBI Director James Comey testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 3, 2017 (Screenshot)

The New York Times reported Thursday night that former FBI director James Comey attended a "very nice dinner" with President Donald Trump. During that dinner, Trump demanded that Comey be loyal to him and Comey objected for ethical reasons. It wasn't long before Comey was being given his pink slip by Trump.

While the two had dinner Trump "made small talk about the election" and the size of his crowd at his rallies. He then turned to has "the" question that would end with the firing of the FBI director.

Comey reportedly "declined to make that pledge." Comey told the story to others that he pledged that he would always be honest with Trump but that he was not "'reliable' in the conventional political sense."

The White House has said that this isn't a correct representation of the conversation and Trump revealed a different conversation in his interview with NBC's Lester Holt Thursday. Associates contradict Trump, however, saying that Comey's answer didn't satisfy Trump. Trump later said that he needed Comey's loyalty, but Comey again said he couldn't give it but would pledge "honesty." Trump pressed Comey asking for "honest loyalty."

“You will have that,” The New York Times said Comey promised Trump, according to Comey's associates.

“We don’t believe this to be an accurate account,” deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. “The integrity of our law enforcement agencies and their leadership is of the utmost importance to President Trump. He would never even suggest the expectation of personal loyalty, only loyalty to our country and its great people.”