Trump fan complains about anti-hate lawn signs -- and gets completely schooled by a 7th grader
Press-hating Trump supporter yells at journalists at Florida rally (Frank Thorp V)

A supporter of President Donald Trump recently wrote into his local newspaper to complain about his neighbors who have erected lawn signs that denounce hated and bigotry -- and he wound up getting schooled by a seventh grader.

Via ACLU Massachusetts Legal Director Matthew Segal,  the Winchester Star over the weekend published a letter to the editor from a seventh grader named Luke Macannuco, who was responding to an earlier letter written by a man named John Natale, who called out his neighbor's for putting "Hate Has No Home Here" signs on their lawns.

Natale objected to the signs because they made him feel as though he were being condemned as a racist, despite the fact that the signs don't actually mention any specific individuals.

Macannuco replied that the signs were simply intended to reassure minorities in the community that many of their neighbors have their back, and to clarify that the values of the Trump White House were not the values of everyone in the town.

Responding to Natale's question of what evidence he had that there was hate within the Winchester community, Macannuco succinctly replied, "Me getting called homosexual slurs by students and adults alike."

Macannuco concluded his letter by telling Natale that his family would agree not to put up anti-hate signs -- but only if Natale refused in the future to put up pro-Trump signs.

"Also, Mr. Natale, if you’re going to ask us to do you a favor and take the signs down, do humanity a favor and take your Trump signs down," he wrote, "Finally, if you are going to say signs exhibit “snowflake sensitivity,” take a moment to think about how you are writing an angry letter to a newspaper about a lawn sign."