WATCH: Adorable grade schooler demands justice after Vice-President Pence 'bopped' him in the face
A young boy demands and apology from Vice President Mike Pence after being 'bopped' in the face by the VP (image via screengrab).

Jezebel's The Slot reported that during what would have been a regular speech and photo-op on National Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Vice President Mike Pence accidentally elbowed a kid in the face -- and rather than turning the other cheek, that kid trailed the VP until he got an apology.

A video edited by HuffPost reveals that after getting the vice presidential elbow, the young boy followed Pence around saying "excuse me," and at one point politely said "you owe me an apology" to the vice president who was busy posing for photos with less irked children.

The video reveals at the end that VP Pence eventually did apologize to the boy, saying "Oh I'm very sorry, I didn't mean to bop you".

Watch the entire exchange below, with subtitles, via HuffPost.