WATCH: Israeli ambassador visibly flummoxed when Trump implies Israel is not in the Middle East
Donald Trump and Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer

Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer could hardly contain himself Monday during a meeting with Donald Trump after the president mistakenly implied Israel is not located in the Middle East.

“Our Secretary of State has done an incredible job,” Trump said at a meeting with Dermer, Rex Tillerson and other U.S. and Israeli officials. That’s when the president made this geographical blunder:

“We just got back from the Middle East," Trump said to the room. "We just got back from Saudi Arabia."

Dermer can be seen stifling a laugh while he throws his face in his hand. He quickly moves his hand through his hair, disguising his inability to handle the president’s gaffe.

Israel is a Middle Eastern country located on the Mediterranean Sea.

Watch the video below, via @Yair_Rosenberg: