‘You sound like a snowflake’: Internet blasts 'poor baby' Trump for Sunday night meltdown
(Photo: stock_photo_world / Shutterstock.com)

President Donald Trump is back in the United States, which means his favorite American pastime has been reactivated: illogical Twitter meltdowns. First thing Sunday morning he had a short one, but it resurfaced Sunday night as Trump attempted to sell his policies that are quickly losing steam in Congress.

First, Trump proposed that the federal government spend more money to make a better healthcare system. Trump didn't manage to explain how he would pay for it given his "balanced" budget is $2 trillion short due to a math error or the expensive tax cuts. One suggestion is that Trump "fix" Obamacare by making it into a single-payer program like the Australian program he heralded and promoted to the country's president.

His second claim was that his tax cut and tax reform was moving ahead of schedule. Initially, Trump said that the policy would come in his first 100 days. It is now 128 days into Trump's term, making the proposal at least 28 days behind Trump's promised "schedule."

Ultimately, the internet found the tweets hilarious and ripe for mockery. Trump responded to it with a third tweet, shouting the mockery was "fake news" rather than editorializing. For some, the mockery isn't about fake news or attempting to take down his policies but merely the perks of a free press.

You can see the best selection of the mockery below: