According to Mediaite, this summer's installment of New York City's "Shakespeare in the Park" features a performance of The Bard's Julius Caesar inspired by President Donald Trump -- and will include the eponymous character inspired by the president being stabbed to death on the Senate floor.

The classic death scene of Julius Caesar involves two of the leader's close friends, Cassius and Brutus, stabbing him to death on the Roman Senate's floor.

In this summer's rendition in Central Park, Caesar is "dressed in a business suit, with a royal blue tie, hanging a couple inches below the belt line, with reddish-blonde hair," according to Laura Shaeffer, an audience member who spoke to a local radio station.

She also told interviewers that an American flag hung over the Senate assassination scene, though no changes were made to the script that alluded to Trump.

"They had the full murder scene onstage, and blood was spewing everywhere out of his body," Shaeffer told AM 970 THE ANSWER. "It was the on-stage murder of the president of the United States."

According to Shaeffer, the woman playing Caesar's wife Calpurnia resembles Melania Trump, and even had a "Slavic accent."

The "Trumpian Caesar" performance is the second time in a week that graphic depictions of the president's murder have made headlines following the controversy over Kathy Griffin's now-infamous beheaded Trump photoshoot.

You can read a description of the Trump-inspired performance of Julius Caesar via Playbill.