CNN commentator Charles Blow on Monday torched Donald Trump’s surrogates for trying “to make rational something that is not rational,” arguing what the president asks his staff to do “is impossible.”

“You cannot deliver truth to the the press if the man who is delivering the truth to you is lying,” Blow said on “AC 360.”

“All of his surrogates are basically put in this position where they have to try to make rational something that is not rational,” Blow continued. “They have to try to make sense of something that simply does not make sense. And they have to make him look good, while continuously makes himself look bad.”

Blow said Trump’s surrogates “try to put a good face … to make him seem cogent and adroit and he simply isn’t.”

“The embarrassment they experience is because they’re simply trying to do something that cannot be done,” Blow argued. “In the West Wing, maybe that works—that everybody simply flatters the king. But in the real world, when you're facing real reporters who have done this for their entire lives, it just doesn't fly. When you're facing the american public and they know you're lying, it simply doesn't fly.“

Blow addressed reports that current White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer might be removed from his current role, arguing he people floated to replace him will face the same obstacles.

"Even if it's Laura Ingraham--you guys might Laura, I don't like Laura at all, and I don't think she's all that smart, and I don't think she's that much of an honorable person."

“Anybody who has to step into this role has to already assume you're taking on the baggage of not being an honorable person. You have to go out and convince somebody who is lying, and that's a problem,” Blow added. “There’s no way to get around that.”