CNN political commentator Maria Cardona said on Sunday that President Donald Trump doesn't need Democrats' help bringing down his administration, he's doing it "all by himself with his little hands."

Cardona was responding to Trump supporter and Republican strategist Alice Stewart, who said, "Let's not pre-judge" whether Trump is guilty of collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice. "Let's not jump to conclusions and see where things land. There's a big part of this that Democrats are really really pushing and those on the left that are trying to derail the Trump presidency. But I think it's important not to pre-judge and let the facts play out here."

Anchor Boris Sanchez turned to Cardona, saying, "Maria, are you just thrilled" every time Trump trips over his own feet on Twitter?

"Let's be very clear. Democrats are not trying to derail the Trump administration and the Trump agenda," Cardona said. "Donald Trump is doing that all by himself with his little hands every time he goes on Twitter, which is why his supporters don't want him to go on Twitter. It's why his closest advisers beg him every single day not to go on Twitter. This is of his making."

Trump has repeatedly undercut his subordinates with rash pronouncements on Twitter when they are attempting to craft a different narrative, as happened on Friday. This week, Trump's messaging personnel spent 48 hours feverishly trying to spin the story that the president is not under investigation, that everything is based on hearsay and leaks.

Then on Friday, Trump angrily tweeted that he's under investigation by Rod Rostenstein and described the investigations as a "witch hunt."

This left backers like his attorney Jay Sekulow twisting in the wind when faced with interrogators like Fox News' Chris Wallace, who pointed out Sunday that Trump's defense team wants people to believe that he isn't under investigation, but that Rod Rosenstein is persecuting him by investigating the White House.

"Oh, boy, this is weird," Wallace said on Sunday.

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