Appearing on CNN Tuesday afternoon, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) attempted to explain his opposition to the GOP's latest health care plan -- only to talk himself into a corner by describing a system that sounds like health care for all.

Speaking with host Erin Burnett, Paul described what he would like to see offered to the American public -- but had his own words used against him once Burnett realized the point he'd accidentally made.

"We should try to give them options" Paul began, explaining that in the individual market, a theoretical plumber could link up with other plumbers to create a larger group market that automatically covers "special cases" like pregnancy.

"You could get a way out of that individual conundrum and you could get group policies, and most of the group policies actually have things like pregnancy," Paul continued. "If you work for General Motors, my guess is pregnancy is automatically in your insurance because you are a big group and you have the leverage to demand it."

"So why not go for the biggest group of all and just have insurance for everybody?" Burnett retorted.

"Well, socialism's a good idea," Paul continued, citing Venezuela's health crisis as an example of the failures of socialized medicine.

"But you did make a great argument for nationalized healthcare," Burnett continued. "You said 'the bigger the group the lower the cost,' so I'm taking your argument to its logical conclusion".

"I was talking about voluntary groups, not the gulag," Paul concluded.

Watch the whole humorous exchange below via CNN.