CNN on Tuesday pointed out the absurdity of President Donald Trump's ongoing use of Twitter.

In a tweet early Tuesday morning, the president complained that the media was trying to force him off of the social network.

CNN's on-screen chyron described it simply: "Trump Defends Tweet Rants With New Tweet Rant."

Host Kate Bolduan noted that Trump was "defending his tirades on Twitter with new tirades on Twitter."

"Once again, contradicting his team at the White House and insisting he means what he tweets and he tweets what he means," the CNN host remarked. "Here's the thing, the quote-unquote 'media' isn't trying to tell him what to do at all with his Twitter feed, of course. It's his own staff, his own advisers, his own supporters who are trying to get him to stop on the Twitters."

Watch the video below from CNN.