Ex-Bush official unloads on Trump: He 'infects the legal soundness of everything his admin does'
President Donald Trump (left, via Creative Commons) and former Assistant AG Jack Goldsmith (right, via Wikimedia Commons).

In a series of tweets posted Monday, former Assistant Attorney General Jack Goldsmith slammed President Donald Trump's style of governance which he claims has taken the country "far beyond normal."

The senior George W. Bush-era Justice Department official who now teaches at Harvard Law railed against the president's "instability" and how he "infects the legal soundness of everything his administration does."

Since his inauguration, Goldsmith wrote, Trump has taken the country "so far beyond normal that it’s hard to have any faith in executive branch."

From shutting out and "viciously" attacking the press and firing former FBI Director James Comey to spilling "deep secrets to Russians" in the Oval Office, Goldsmith claimed that Trump and the officials who work under him have made even normal executive functioning difficult with their string of scandals.

Like many other commentators, Goldsmith invoked President Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal and subsequent resignation in face of impeachment as comparisons to Trump.

"As best I can tell," he wrote, "no president’s actions have ever so adversely affected trust in his administration, including Nixon during Watergate."

Despite being appointed by the Bush administration, Goldsmith served for less than a year before resigning in 2004 in protest of the Justice Department's use of coercive torture. He wrote about his tenure in the administration and his criticisms of it in a memoir titled The Terror Presidency in 2007.

Read Goldsmith's entire thread below.