A former CIA officer believes political science may be unequipped to deal the scandals of President Donald Trump and while using harsh words for a senior White House advisor questioning the patriotism of critics.

"I used to think this was a political story, now I think it's a psychological story," CNN Counterterrorism Analyst Philip Mudd told Wolf Blitzer on the "Situation Room" Friday.

Mudd cited example after example of issues that President Trump could be focus on, but instead was ignoring while feuding on Twitter.

"The spokesman of the White House keeps telling us, focus on the issues. I just mentioned several that i think are not only interesting but reflect positively on the president," Mudd explained. "When the spokesman tell us that and the president goes out and does stuff that have nothing to do with real news, what are you supposed to talk about?"

Earlier in the segment, a Senior Editor at The Atlantic identified the question that most interest him.

"Because of the nexus to New York City, where the show is filmed and where i believe at least one of them lives, will this provide a justification for the New York Attorney General to look into this question?" Ron Brownstein wondered. "You can be sure that he would be very happy to do that."

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is expected to be expanding New York's investigation into Eric Trump.

Watch the CNN segment, which concludes with Mudd shouting that White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway is "a fraud":

Phil Mudd calls BS on Kellyanne Conway by sarahburris