'It's not a nothingburger': Chris Wallace shatters Fox & Friends for claiming Russia scandal is over
Chris Wallace appears on Fox & Friends (screen grab)

Fox News host Chris Wallace was forced to correct his colleagues on Fox & Friends Sunday morning after one host called the investigation into possible Trump campaign links to Russia a "nothingburger."

During a tease for Wallace's show, Fox News Sunday, host Clayton Morris asserted that the "Russia story imploded this week" because the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey did not provide details about collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Wallace agreed that there was no "hard evidence of collusion so far" but he noted that Attorney General Jeff Sessions' testimony to Congress this week could shed light on possible obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump. And Sessions is also expected to address allegations that he had an additional meeting with the Russian ambassador that was never disclosed.

"Little evidence has been shown that there's collusion with Russia," co-host Pete Hegseth opined. "Now we know that Comey was a leaker, potentially multiple times. Can the investigation move in those directions instead of the Russia investigation, which is proven to be pretty much a nothingburger?"

"I certainly wouldn't say it's a nothingburger," Wallace replied. "We have to see where it goes. Among other things, we still haven't heard from Michael Flynn. And he's one of the key figures in all of this. He was the one who had the most contacts Russia. He's the one who got paid by Russia."

Watch the video below from Fox News, broadcast June 11, 2017.