John Oliver: Donald Trump lies so much he's become a 'walking logical paradox'
John Oliver on James Comey's testimony (Screen capture)

On Sunday, "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver addressed ousted FBI Director James Comey's testimony in an open session with the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, saying that Comey had destroyed whatever shabby remnants of credibility the president had left.

"Even Fox News was struggling to spin any positives" in the wake of the testimony, Oliver said before playing a clip of Charles Krauthammer saying, "I think this sort of brings home the question of the president's credibility, which is always a big loss."

"Wow," said Oliver, "that is not good, but at this point, saying something 'damaged Trump's credibility' is like saying 'That graffiti is a real eyesore on that pile of dead pigeons."

In fact, Trump is so far out on a limb, truth-wise, that he resorted to tweeting Friday morning that he was "completely vindicated" by Comey's testimony while simultaneously claiming that Comey lied.

"Trump is essentially claiming that he's been vindicated by testimony he's claiming is false," Oliver said. "At this point, he's become a walking logical paradox. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he starts tweeting things like, 'I just traveled back in time and killed myself. VERY UNFAIR!'"

Watch the video, embedded below: