Keith Olbermann calls Trump's bluff: Fire Mueller and speed up your 'demise'
Keith Olbermann (YouTube/screen grab)

In his latest installment of "The Resistance," host Keith Olbermann makes the case for President Donald Trump firing special counselor Robert Mueller to speed up the average American's understanding of the president's corruption.

If Mueller joins "the pile of men Trump has fired as they gather damning facts about him," Olbermann argued, it could result in a parallel situation to what happened with President Richard Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre" scandal. To fire the person investigating you for corruption brings that corruption front and center, and in doing so, brings it right to the forefront of the average non-politically-obsessed American mind.

The "relief" the president might receive from firing the special prosecutor would, according to Olbermann, "be more than counterbalanced by the degree to which the headline 'Trump fires another investigator' would move the story of his alleged corruption, obstruction and madness into the center of the American view."

He went on to detail the timeline of the "Saturday Night Massacre" when Nixon tried to force his attorney general and deputy attorney general to fire his special prosecutor, Archibald Cox, and ended up forcing their own resignations instead. Within a week of the "Massacre," Olbermann noted, multiple Watergate stories dominated the front page of the New York Times -- including one about impeachment.

Watch the entire video below via GQ.