Lisa Bloom: NY state just opened new investigation into Fox News for sexual harassment and discrimination
Attorney Lisa Bloom (screenshot, YouTube)

Attorney Lisa Blooom revealed on Monday that the New York State Division of Human Rights is investigating complaints of harassment and discrimination at Fox News.

In a tweet on Monday, Bloom said that the agency's investigation was based on a complaint filed by her office earlier this year.

The complaint details numerous accounts of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation by the conservative network.

Bloom has argued that media coverage and high profile firings -- like the termination of Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly -- should be backed up by government intervention.

"Equality of opportunity is a civil right," Bloom writes in the complaint. "For women of Fox News, year after year, this right has been abrogated. The world knows about it, but press reports are not enough. We therefore respectfully request that the SDHR conduct a prompt, thorough investigation of the toxic culture at Fox News."