'Modern-day Watergate burglar' James O’Keefe slammed with a million-dollar fraud lawsuit
Conservative James O'Keefe during an interview on Fox Business (Screenshot)

Conservative provocateur James O'Keefe is getting slammed with a million-dollar lawsuit from an organization of Democratic campaign consultants that alleges he committed fraud so he could launch a "sting" operation against them

The Intercept reports that Democracy Partners has filed a lawsuit against O'Keefe and his organization Project Veritas, which it alleges falsified documents to get access to the group's members.

The suit accuses Project Veritas member Allison Maass of concocting an elaborate cover story and using forged documents to get an internship with the group, with the goal of secretly recording members' conversations and using them in political propaganda videos.

"Basically O’Keefe and Maass were modern-day Watergate burglars," said Joe Sandler, an attorney representing Democracy Partners. "They used fraud to get Maass a position as an intern at Democracy Partners so they could steal documents and secretly videotape conversations. There is no question that, in doing so, they violated federal and D.C. law and should be held liable for the damages suffered by our clients as a result."

Maass last summer was busted trying to infiltrate the campaign of Russ Feingold, who was running for senate in Wisconsin, and was also caught in a failed attempt to get Hillary Clinton campaign staffers to accept improper donations.