'My friends have lost work': Former Trump-supporting porn stars abandon the president over career fears
Actress Brandi Love via Twitter

Conservative adult film stars claim there have been reprisals against performers who supported Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

"Being a Trump supporter in the adult industry is dangerous," the Daily Beast reports. "Every porn star who’d once been an outspoken Trump supporter—many of whom I’d spoken with during and immediately following the election—refused to go on the record, fearing possible industry backlash."

“I haven’t heard a peep from the people who once supported him,” porn director/performer TarantinoXXX told The Beast. “People in the industry are afraid of who might speak out against them; they’re afraid of the backlash. Once you get backlash from prominent people in this business you’re out of a job. You’ll stop getting work and it’ll push you down.”

“This is so intense, my friends have lost work over this," a brunette perfomer said, after being granted anonymity. "You should know the industry is biased and no one will admit it."

The Beast reports that A-list star Brandi Love, "made it a point to ignore my repeated requests to talk Trump. Numerous other popular porn stars have followed suit."

“Being a Trump supporter would not be beneficial in any way for a girl’s career,” says talent agent Mark Spiegler. “This is show business, and if you want to get hired you give them a show.”

President Trump has a complicated history with the adult film industry. Candidate Trump signed an anti-porn pledge and adult film star Jessica Drake alleged Trump kissed her without consent and propositioned her for $10,000 and a ride on Trump's private jet from Tahoe to Los Angelas.

“To me, most Trump supporters show an incredible lack of character. I’d have a hard time dealing with them on a personal level if they were on set voicing their warped sense of values,” director Brad Armstrong, who works alongside Drake at Wicked Pictures told The Beast. “And when you’re naked on set things have a tendency to get kinda personal.”