The Senate intelligence committee is combing through a trove of more 2,000 documents regarding the finances of President Donald Trump and his associates, a report by Bloomberg reveals. They received the documents from the Department of Justice's financial crimes unit.

According to the report, the intelligence committee's investigation of potential collusion between Trump's campaign and Russia is now "focused sharply" on transactions of the president's associates, ostensibly to find evidence of payments made to or from Kremlin-backed firms or individuals.

In addition to the more than 2,000 documents they received from the Treasury, Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner (D-VA) told Bloomberg their investigation is "entering a higher profile phase" as they prepare to interview the president's associates like his son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner.

In the meantime, the report noted, Democrats in the House have accused both the Treasury and Republicans of stonewalling as they attempt to gather information for their investigation into Trump's alleged presidential improprieties.