Texas Constable convicted of six counts of voter fraud and two counts of ID theft
(Photo: Screen capture)

An Ellis County jury convicted Tyron Davis Friday of voter fraud.

Davis will be forced to surrender his license and resign from office but he will not face jail time, The Dallas Morning News reported.

He was caught during the election of helping Waxahachie nursing home residents fill out requests for vote by mail ballots but didn't indicate he helped them. At least one resident suffered from Alzheimer's Disease.

"It's still debatable whether the people at the nursing home knew what they were signing when Davis showed up," GOP county and district attorney Patrick Wilson said.

He was convicted on six counts of voter fraud and two counts of use of a fake ID. One count was for an advertisement where he put his head on the body of another constable from Tarrant County Texas. He wasn't an officer at the time. He then used the flyer as campaign materials and with the nursing home's residents.