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WATCH: Gingrich goes down in flames on The View after insisting Comey both lied and vindicated Trump



Whoopi Goldberg and Newt Gingrich (Photo: Screen capture)

During Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich joined the women to promote his new book. The panel hammered the former Georgia Republican for speaking like a politician out of both sides of his mouth.

When asked about the testimony from former FBI Director James Comey, Gingrich said that Trump was exonerated by the testimony and questioned whether Comey was lying under oath about the memos. He argued that Comey testified that there was no evidence of collusion that he has seen and thus the investigation should be dropped.


“If you believe that, why was it so hard to accept that he didn’t find whatever everybody thought there was going to be on Mrs. Clinton?” Goldberg asked.

“Well, I think actually he found more than enough on Mrs. Clinton which is why she’s still Mrs. Clinton,” Gingrich said.

“Now you know that was doublespeak at its best. What did you just say?” Goldberg countered back.

Gingrich explained “she would be President Clinton if he had found nothing,” admitting that without Comey, Clinton would have been elected.

Co-host Sunny Hostin said that if Trump believes he was vindicated by Comey then he believes that the testimony was truthful.


“Comey also said that the president was a liar. And he also said that the president asked him for his loyalty and asked him to let go of the [retired Gen. Michael] Flynn investigation. How is that a victory?” she asked.

Gingrich claimed that Ranking Member of the Senate Intelligence Committee Dianne Feinstein also admitted “there was nothing there,” he said paraphrasing.

“But he also called him a liar,” Hostin cut in.


Gingrich claimed that people who are fired tend to be “disgruntled” and implied that Comey shouldn’t be believed for that reason.

Behar wasn’t having it and struck back citing the Comey memos that the former director wrote after each meeting with Trump. Gingrich seemed to call into question whether or not those memos were real and if Comey lied about them under oath.


Shockingly, at the beginning of the interview, Gingrich admitted that Trump is “really different” and that’s why his cabinet meeting Monday was also “really different.”

“Wouldn’t you say though, Newt, that he’s a little on the needy side? He has to have all of this constant adoration going on,” Behar asked.

“If you have a Trump Tower and a Trump Club with Trump Water it’s possible that the centrality of Trump is a significant part of his life,” Gingrich admitted. He then went on to cite the “Trump Air Force One and a Trump Marine One and a Trump White House.”


The women were quick to correct Gingrich that those things belong to the American people and not to Trump.

Watch the full conversation below:

Whoopi Goldberg hammers Newt Gingrich on Trump… by sarahburris

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"What's your response to the president, who made those allegations without any evidence at all in your state?" asked anchor Wolf Blitzer.

"He says he's watching, about the only thing I have seen here in Pennsylvania is that Donald Trump has gone 0-5 in court challenges against us here," said Shapiro. "Court challenges where he has alleged widespread voter fraud, and yet never was able to back it up with a shred of evidence. That's why courts have dismissed these baseless lawsuits that he's filed. Apparently, now that he's lost in court time and time again, he's gone into the public square to spin a tale and tell these lies and attack our governor."

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