WATCH: Kellyanne Conway frantically avoids ‘Russia, Russia’ questions in tense CNN interview

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN Friday morning to beat back reports that the Trump administration was not taking the threat of Russian interference in American presidential elections seriously.

At the start of the segment, Conway insisted that President Donald Trump was against all kinds of interference in American elections, while at the same time suggesting that Democrats had done as much as the Russians to interfere by downplaying Trump's chances at electoral victory last fall.

"The president has said previously... that he would be concerned about anybody interfering with our democracy," she said. "We saw a lot of people interfering with our democracy by saying he couldn't win here at home."

CNN host Alisyn Camerota pressed Conway on what the Trump administration was doing to prevent Russia from interfering with future elections.

"Alisyn, I realize we just like to say the word 'Russia, Russia' to mislead the voters," Conway replied. "And I know that CNN is aiding and abetting this nonsense as well, but you've asked me this question three times now..."

"And you're not answering it, Kellyanne!" an exasperated Camerota shot back.

Watch the video below.