Ana Navarro rips 'Little Boy' Donald Trump Jr. when he comes for her on Twitter over Ivanka at G-20
CNN political commentator Ana Navarro and Donald Trump Jr. (composite image)

On Saturday, many in the U.S. and abroad were startled to see President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka sitting in his seat at the table at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany.

CNN Republican political commentator Ana Navarro opined on Twitter, "Given choice b/w Pres. Donald or Pres. Ivanka, I'd take her. After all, she's smart and eloquent and knows how to make champagne popsicles."

Donald Trump Jr. got irate, feeling his sister was being insulted.

"She is VERY smart & eloquent. You can belittle her all you want w your snark, but we all know 1 on 1 she way out of your league," he tweeted.

Navarro clapped back with alacrity, writing, "Oh, no! I got under Little Boy Trump's thin skin. Not his fault. It's a hereditary condition."