Ann Coulter rips Republicans for not giving Trump what he wants; They 'hate him as much as MSNBC does'
Conservative provocateur Ann Coulter on Fox News’ Varney & Co. (screen grab)

Fox News host Stuart Varney got a lecture about "Republican Obstructionism" in the US Senate when he had Ann Coulter on to talk about Trump's lack of legislative success.

"I do think we're getting a little Republican obstructionism with Trump as well," complained Coulter, who authored a book titled, In Trump We Trust.

Coulter suggested the Republican Congress has culpability for Trump's lack of success on Capitol Hill.

"In one case, Thom Tillis, he's going precisely against the Trump agenda," Coulter stated, singling out the Republican senator from North Carolina.

Senator Tillis, "refuses to confirm the head of the immigration service unless he can get a bunch more cheap foreign workers for the Chamber of Commerce," Coulter surmised.

Coulter also blamed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the Republican caucus.

“A lot of them really, really hate Trump every bit as much as MSNBC does," Coulter claimed. "They’re slow-walking everything and they're not helping him."

"In the case of health care reform, they're all action and no talk. Where are the hearings?" Coulter wondered.

Watch Ann Coulter's disappointment with the Republican Party: