BUSTED: Affair between California Assembly Republican leaders revealed by white nationalist
Former California Assembly Republican Leader Kristin Olsen and Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes. Photo courtesy of Alex Bello of the Assembly Republican Caucus.

Infighting among California Republicans intensified after a white nationalist organization published documents they say proves an affair between top California Republican Leaders.

"'Never Trump' California Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley) engaged in an extramarital affair with Kristin Olsen, the former leader of the Republican Assembly caucus, and current member of the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors," American Children First claimed.

GOP Leader Mayes is the son of a pastor and a graduate of Liberty University. Supervisor Olsen was Mayes' immediate predecessor as Assembly GOP leader and currently serves as Vice Chair of the California Republican Party.

American Children First founder Joseph Turner calls himself a "nationalist hardliner on illegal immigration issues."

Turner advocates a "transference of pain" model of political activism.

"The only way to effectuate real, substantive change is by making it too painful for your opposition to continue the status quo," Turner wrote. "Politicians whore themselves out to corporations for campaign cash and special interest groups for votes -- American sovereignty be damned. Working-class middle America must unshackle themselves from this onerous burden, punish these transgressors, and purge them from power."

Revealing the affair, complete with documentation of both Republican leaders filing for divorce, was retaliation for Assemblyman Mayes vote for cap and trade.

"Monday night’s vote to extend the cap-and-trade program through 2030 – a deal that Mayes played a large role in negotiating and for which he later appeared at a celebratory press conference with Gov. Jerry Brown – infuriated Turner," the Sacramento Bee explained. "He suggested that Rendon could have used the affair allegation to pressure Mayes into supporting the bill. The two Assembly leaders have long touted their close working relationship, which they have dubbed a 'bromance.'"

Mayes publicly praised Olsen upon election as GOP Leader.

"I plan to build upon Kristin’s vision of bringing the Caucus and its supporting operations into the 21st Century. She has worked tirelessly to position our Caucus and its Members for maximum success," Mayes said at the time of the leadership transition. "I look forward to partnering with her over the next few months to ensure a seamless transition and to chart a path towards policies that will improve the quality of life for all Californians."

The nationalist organization is pushing for Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez to replace Mayes.

"​We are currently seeking out additional information about the Mayes-Olsen affair. We have heard reports that there is other evidence that corroborates the long running affair," American Children First said. "​Additionally, we have been informed that Mayes may have had a tryst with another colleague representing an Orange County district."