Corey Lewandowski, a surrogate for President Donald Trump, defended an unreported meeting between the U.S. president and Russian President Vladimir Putin by touting the physical appearance of First Lady Melania Trump.

"Our best representative who is stunningly beautiful and incredibly intelligent sat next to Vladimir Putin at the request of the German chancellor," Lewandowski told Fox News. "She had a conversation with Vladimir Putin. He was her dinner partner for a few hours. Big deal."

"And you know what the president did?" he continued. "Our president, he got up and he walked over and he saw his beautiful wife, the first lady of the United States, and had a conversation with her. How is this anything other than the president of the United States going over and seeing the first lady, who by the way, speaks five languages, is incredibly beautiful and is incredibly intelligent and is a great representative of our country?"

Watch the video below.