Ex-Trump aide evokes Lewinsky scandal to downplay Trump Jr. meeting: 'Nothing like a blue-stained dress'
Katy Tur

Former Donald Trump aide Sam Nunberg, who who was subsequently sued by the campaign for breaching a confidentiality agreement, said on Monday the latest revelations surrounding the president’s inner circle and Russian operatives “is nothing like the blue-stained dress” used to prove Bill Clinton has sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

Nunberg was speaking with NBC News’ Katy Tur about revelations that Donald Trump Jr., the presidents oldest son, met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign in order to obtain damaging information about former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

While Nunberg admitted Trump Jr.'s meeting was “problematic,” he insisted in “context,” Trump Jr. had an open door policy that lent itself to these types of meetings.

Tur pressed Nunberg on why Trump’s campaign would so openly tout an “open door policy where you could have unplanned meeting with unnamed people.”

“Is this something that amounts to treason?” Nurberg asked. “Is this something that amounts to collusion.”

“I’d say it’s a nothing-burger,” he continued.

Nunberg went on to insist there’s nothing concrete linking the president or his aides to the Russia government.

“This is nothing like a blue-stained dress or something where we know now, there’s something you can show direct collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign,” Nunberg told Tur.

Tur asked if Trump Jr.'s admission shows “an openness to get information about Hillary Clinton from anybody and to collude with a Russian, if they had information.”

She later pressed the former Trump adviser on why the president willingly attacks everyone except Russia and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

“Is it a real estate thing?” she asked.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC: