'Face it, we basically deserve this': Internet explodes after Kid Rock admits he is 'running' for Senate
Kid Rock's "campaign" photo (screenshot via kidrockforsenate.com).

As if a reality show president weren't enough, on Wednesday, singer Kid Rock appeared to confirm on Twitter that he is, in fact, running for Senate after yard signs with his name began popping up all over Michigan.

Though the campaign is, according to Wall Street Journal reporter Madeline Marshall, a publicity stunt put on by Warner Brothers, the reactions were swift and hilarious.

"Fun fact: If elected, Kid Rock would be the first U.S. senator to appear in a sex tape with the lead singer of Creed," The Guardian's Ben Jacobs tweeted.

"Which foreign government do we think is secretly supporting Kid Rock," HuffPost's Ariel Edwards-Levy wrote.

Check out some of the hilarious responses below.