Michael Caputo, the former communications director for Donald Trump's presidential campaign, earned kudos from the president over the past week for his unflinching defense of the 2016 campaign's contacts with Russian government officials.

However, it seems that Trump's praise isn't enough to help Caputo pay his legal bills, as a new report from the Associated Press makes clear.

According to the AP, Caputo is liquidating his children's college funds to pay off legal fees incurred by former New York State Attorney General Dennis Vacco, who is representing the former Trump campaign official in his legal fight over the Russia probe.

The AP informed Caputo that the president's son, Donald Trump Jr., was getting help paying for his own legal representation from Trump campaign funds -- and Caputo sounded less than pleased by the revelation.

"Lucky for them," he said of Trump Jr. relying on Trump campaign cash to cover his legal fees. "And unlucky for me. And unlucky for my children who are now going to community college."