Some are calling out President Donald Trump's recent speech, which they say sounds like he was reading the Wikipedia page on the country to its own people in his Warsaw speech Thursday.

As Indy100 captured, to many, it seemed as if Trump was merely reciting the history of Poland, not giving any sort of message or policy speech.

A few crowd-pleasing lines in which Trump spoke warmly about the unique relationship between their two countries, he began reciting Polish history to those in Krasinki Square.

He began with a history on the age of the country, how long they had borders and geographical information.

"This is a nation more than 1000 years old, whose borders were erased and restored less than a century ago," Trump told the country's people.

Trump transitioned into a history on the fights between the Polish and the former Soviet Union and Germany during World War II, calling it "very tough."

"A vibrant Jewish population, the largest in Europe, was reduced to almost nothing after Nazis systematically murdered Polish Jewish citizens, along with countless others during a brutal occupation," Trump continued.

He then thanked them for their struggle and persistence before moving on to talk about the overthrow of the former Communist government.

The internet certainly was not dazzled and many were concerned that there were white supremacists undertones in the speech.

Watch the speech video below: