'I'll get back to you': White House won't say if Trump merch will be made in China for 'Made In America' week
U.S. President Donald Trump gets a briefing before he tours the pre-commissioned U.S. Navy aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford at Huntington Ingalls Newport News Shipbuilding facilities in Newport News, Virginia, U.S. on March 2, 2017. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/File Photo)

The White House on Monday refused to say whether President Donald Trump's business would cease manufacturing in China and other countries during the administration's "Made In America" week.

Amid growing suspicions that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians, the White House announced that it would hold a "Made In America" week to highlight the president's "America First" policy.

But it wasn't clear if Trump -- who manufactures his products in Bangladesh, China and Mexico -- was ready to give his jobs to American workers.

A White House official ducked the question when CBS Correspondent Mark Knoller asked about products made abroad.

"I will get back to you," the official reportedly said.