Responding to the mounting media blitz surrounding his meeting with a Russian lawyer said to have "dirt" on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Jr. told Sean Hannity that although he wishes he'd "done things differently," the meeting was a "nothingburger."

"In retrospect, I probably would have done things a little differently," Trump Jr. told Hannity in the exclusive Fox News interview aired Tuesday night. "This is before the 'Russiamania,' before they were building it up in the press. For me, this was opposition research."

According to the eldest Trump son, the meeting was "literally just a wasted 20 minutes," and the "dirt" on Clinton didn't materialize.

At another point in the interview, Trump Jr. claims that rather than soliciting the promised information about Clinton, the meeting came by happenstance.

"Someone sent me an email," he said. "I can't help what someone sends me."

Watch an excerpt of Trump Jr.'s interview with Hannity and read a transcript of a portion of it below.