REVEALED: Kremlin spokesperson asked in 2016 about hacked DNC emails deferred the question to Trump Jr.
Donald Trump Jr. speaks to MSNBC (screen grab)

On Wednesday, a journalist on Twitter unearthed a year-old article about the Democratic National Committee hacks that features a Kremlin spokesperson referring questions about the hacks to Donald Trump, Jr. -- a referral that, in hindsight, appears very telling.

"Fallout from the hack also reverberated at the Kremlin, where a spokesman declined to comment on the hack except to refer reporters to comments by Trump’s son, Don Jr., calling the allegations part of a pattern of 'lie after lie,'" a Washington Post article from July 25, 2016 reads.

"'Mr. Trump Jr. has already strongly responded' to the Clinton campaign’s claims, the Russian spokesman said, according to the news agency Tass," it continued.

"I tweeted this on July 26, 2016," journalist Sarah Kendzior wrote of the excerpt above. "Found it odd that Kremlin spokesman referred inquiries about hacks to Donald Trump Jr. Now we know why!"

Kendzior's unearthing came after a bombshell dinnertime article published in the Wall Street Journal that claims Russian officials were overheard discussing Trump's run prior to his official filing in 2015.

It also came after CNN released a 2013 video of Trump Sr. having dinner with a number of Russian officials who allegedly worked to set up Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer said to have incriminating information about Hillary Clinton last summer.