Scientific study of Trump's tweets reveals 'neurotic tendencies' and 'underlying low well-being'
Donald Trump (AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary)

A new scientific study of President Donald Trump's tweets reveals that the president suffers from both "neurotic tendencies" and an "underlying low well-being."

Via Eureka Alert, two researchers have released their results of an analysis conducted on thousands of Trump tweets dating back to last October that shows the president has both some positive leadership qualities and some disturbing ones.

The researchers --  Martin Obschonka from the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research at Queensland University of Technology in Australia, and Christian Fisch from Trier University in Germany -- found that Trump has key qualities that are typically found in successful entrepreneurs, including creativity and competitiveness.

On the downside, the researchers say that Trump has a willingness to break rules, while also indicating that the president has  "neurotic tendencies" and that he "experiences underlying low well-being."

"Maybe this high neuroticism is a major motivator to succeed in Trump's entrepreneurial projects in his business life, but also in his role as political leader," speculates Fisch.

However, the researchers note that traits that may help someone succeed in the business world might not translate well to the world of governing in a democratic society, which functions by having its leaders obey certain sets of laws and norms.

Additionally, notes Obschonka, many successful entrepreneurs show a great deal more mental and emotional stability than Trump does.

"These traits are rather untypical for entrepreneurs since working as an entrepreneur may not only require emotional stability and optimism but also be able to increase happiness due to procedural utility," he explains.