Trump booster gets smacked down for claiming Fox News is nothing like state-run media
American Conservative Union's Matt Schlapp (screen capture)

A Thursday evening panel on MSNBC discussed Fox News and its relentless Trump boosterism, asking how it's really an different from state-run media in North Korea or Russia.

American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp said the conversation was unfair, said

“This rhetoric is way over the top,” he said. “Fox News has different types of shows. There’s plenty of Republicans on Fox News who are Never Trumpers. It’s more diverse than you’re characterizing.”

Former Republican strategist turned MSNBC host Nicole Wallace said, "Even folks at Fox News will acknowledge pressure to carry the Trump message... How is that different from state-run media in some places?”

"Do you want to be careful by saying that?" Schlapp bizarrely countered, then asked Wallace if she doesn't feel like the opposite is true at other news organizations.

“Not happening here,” Wallace said, indicating Schlapp's presence on her show. “Can’t you tell?"

Watch the video, embedded below: