Trump got hoax CNN bodyslam video from guy who literally goes by name 'a**hole': report
Doctored WWE video shows Trump body slamming 'CNN' (screen grab)

A violent video tweeted by President Donald Trump on Sunday was allegedly created by an internet user who has chosen "asshole" to be part of his name.

According to The Daily Beast, the WWE video of Trump body slamming a person whose head is the CNN logo had its origins on the Reddit website.

The video was said to have been first published in the r/the_donald subreddit four days ago by a user named HanAssholeSolo.

"Wow!! I never expected my meme to be retweeted by the God Emporer himself!!!" the user was quoted as saying on Reddit Sunday morning.

White House officials also confirmed that Social Media Director Dan Scavino had played a role in the president's decision to tweet the video.