Trump White House trashes CBO for being inaccurate -- and proceeds to misspell 'inaccurately'
Donald Trump (ABC/screen grab)

The Trump White House on Wednesday put out a video that attacked the Congressional Budget Office's accuracy in forecasting economic statistics -- but the video itself misspelled the word "inaccurately."

"CBO inaccurately estimates health coverage," reads one part of the video, which is titled, "The Congressional Budget Office's math does not add up."

Within seconds, however, the video uses the word "inaccurately" again -- and this time it's spelled wrong.

"CBO innaccurately (sic) estimated 25 million would be covered under Obamacare," reads another part.

The purpose of the video is to create mistrust of the CBO's estimate that 22 million people fewer Americans will be covered by health insurance under the Senate's health care bill than under current law.

The video accuses the CBO of "starting with faulty baseline estimates" in its projection of how many more people would lack health insurance under the Republican health care bill.

The video concludes by saying that, "It doesn't matter who does the math -- faulty numbers = faulty results."

The tweet containing the video with the inaccurate spelling of "inaccurate" was deleted shortly after being mocked by New York Times health care reporter Margot Sanger on Twitter.