WATCH: Jack Kingston gets smacked down for claiming Democrats are 'hyperventilating' over Trump-Russia
Former Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA)

A former Republican Congressman received a stern lecture on civic duty and patriotism on CNN Wednesday.

On "Out Front" with host Erin Burnett, former Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) was badly embarrassed by political commentator Hilary Rosen during a discussion of Donald Trump Jr.

Throughout the segment, Kingston kept trying to distract the audience and deflect criticism of his friend, President Donald Trump.

"I just think there is a lot of hyperventilating here by the anti-Trump crowd," the former Southern congressman suggested. "We've heard this over...about once a month, something like this, it supposedly erupts, it is a big, big bombshell and two or three weeks later there is nothing to it."

"We have bombshells once a month because we keep catching the Trump family in lies and people around the Trumps," shot back political commentator Hilary Rosen.

Between interruptions from Air Force One, Rosen listed "two really big important things" that she claimed suggest the President probably did know about the meeting between the top echelons of Trump's campaign and Kremlin-linked lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

"First of all, you had the son, the son-in-law – who was essentially running the campaign – and the campaign chairman, all going to a meeting," Rosen noted. "Two of the most important people in the campaign and the son going to this meeting – they obviously thought something big was going to happen."

Rosen's second point was based off of the timeline.

"In fact, it was a few days after that email came in that Donald Trump started talking about Hillary Clinton and the fact that there was going to be more investigation," Rosen explained. "And then we didn't see that promised information. that's because it didn't come from the Russians. So the fact that he promised it the very same week that meeting happened, that it didn't get delivered tells us something."

When Jack Kingston rudely interrupted and tried to distract the audience by talking about Hillary Clinton, the former Republican politician was on the receiving end of a powerful lecture on patriotism and civic duty.

"Jack, how many lies do you have to hear lines from the Trump family and associates before you start saying, 'oh my goodness, these people actually aren't really telling the American people the truth?'" Rosen wondered. "When do the Trump surrogates start to say, 'oh my goodness, this is a meeting that maybe people should have known about, yes, this should have been reported on national security clearances'?"

Rosen persisted.

"When will you Trump surrogates start to doubt your own facts that don't exist?"