Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday took great issue with retired Lt Col. Ralph Peters after the Army veteran called him out for “sounding like someone in 1938 saying, ‘what’s Hitler done to us?’”

Peters was trying to get Carlson to admit that Russian President Vladimir Putin—an authoritarian strongman known for murdering journalists and dissidents—was an enemy of the United States, a point the Fox News host was reluctant to concede.

Instead, he whined that the Army veteran “just compared [him] to a Nazi apologist!”

“[Putin] seems like a shady guy, a strongman for sure, wouldn’t want to live there,” Carlson began on Tuesday.

“He’s a killer,” Peters shot back.

“Hard to see why he’s a threat to us,” Carlson said, asking why the United States can’t just “accept” that some people are bad.

“You sound like Charles Lindbergh in 1938 saying, ‘Hitler hasn’t attacked us.'”

“I beg your pardon,” Carlson replied. “Slow down, colonel, slow down. You cannot compare me to someone who makes apologies for Hitler.”

“I think it’s insane, actually,” he continued, growing visibly upset. “You just compared me to a Nazi apologist—slow down, slow down!”

“Putin’s invaded his neighbors, broken the long peace in Europe, he assassinates dissidents and journalists, he bombs women and children in purpose in Syria. He is as bad as Hitler … let’s just say you sound like someone in 1938 saying, ‘What has Hitler done to us.’”

Unable to counter Peter’s point, Carlson targeted the retired officer for supporting the war in Iraq—something Carlson himself was originally in favor of.

“Maybe we should lower the moral tone a little bit,” Carlson argued.

“You’ve made your career being an American conservative patriot,” Peters replied. “And now you’re suddenly cheering for Vladimir Putin?”

“Vladimir Putin is a criminal, he hates America, he wants to hurt us," Peters continued.

Watch the exchange below, via Fox News: