'You have no evidence': Trump lawyer Sekulow's Donald Jr. spin gets shot down on CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo vs. Jay Sekulow (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN's Chris Cuomo was relentless in calling out President Donald Trump's personal attorney Jay Sekulow for hypocrisy and diminishing the seriousness of a foreign power meddling in an American election on Wednesday's edition of CNN's "New Day."

Sekulow attempted to carpet bomb Cuomo with the administration talking point that President Trump's eldest son didn't break any specific statute by taking a meeting with Kremlin-aligned lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and insisting that the Trump campaign got nothing useful out of the meeting.

"It's not a violation of the law here," Sekulow insisted. "But Donald Trump Jr. yesterday said, 'It's the heat of the campaign, there's a lot of activity going on. It was a 20 minute meeting that did not produce anything."

"We don't know that," Cuomo said. "You have such credibility issues here. You don't know that to be a fact is all I'm saying. You do not know that to be a fact."

"What do I not know to be a fact?" snapped Sekulow.

"You do not know what was said in that meeting and what happened after it for a fact," Cuomo said.

Sekulow attempted to hedge, saying, "Like any lawyer, Chris, you base it on the evidence you see."

"You have no evidence," Cuomo pointed out.

"Hold it," Sekulow said. "Your network has aired interviews with Natalia saying it did not happen. You put it on the air."

"I have a lot of people come on my show and say things that aren't true," Cuomo said.

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