Alt-right icon 'Based Stickman' faces a year in prison for beating counter-protesters with a baton
Alt-right hero Kyle Chapman, AKA "Based Stickman," being arrested at a rally (image via Twitter).

After becoming the "Based Stickman" meme for threatening anti-Trump protesters with a lead baton, alt-righter Kyle Chapman is facing serious jail time.

According to LawNewz, Chapman faces a felony charge that could carry a year of prison time related to a March 4 protest arrest in Berkeley, California. He was reportedly seen striking people with his lead baton -- the weapon that got him in trouble in the first place.

According to the East Bay Express, Chapman listed himself as "going" to an August 27 white supremacist rally.

"Based Stickman" was so popular among Internet alt-righters, someone wrote a comic book about him.