BUSTED: Steve Bannon's story about a scary encounter with Muslims exposed as total fiction
Steve Bannon (Photo: Screen capture)

In a new book about the 2016 presidential election written by Bloomberg reporter Joshua Green, top Trump political strategist Steve Bannon gives what he claims is a story that shaped his views on the dangers of political Islam.

As told by The Intercept, the story revolves around Bannon's time in the Navy, in which he visited the Pakistani port city of Karachi.

"We’d pull into a place like Karachi, Pakistan – this is 1979, and I’ll never forget it – the British guys came on board, because they still ran the port," Bannon explained to Green. "The city had 10 million people at the time. We’d get out there, and 8 million of them had to be below the age of fifteen. It was an eye-opener. We’d been other places like the Philippines where there was mass poverty. But it was nothing like the Middle East. It was just a complete eye-opener. It was the other end of the earth."

As The Intercept documents, however, there are multiple holes in Bannon's story.

Among other things, the British were not still in control of Pakistan's ports in 1979; the city's population at the time was closer to 5 million than 10 million; and, most importantly, the vessel that Bannon served on never visited Karachi during his tenure with the Navy.

This isn't the only problem with Bannon's past tales of his military service either, as The Intercept seems to have found some problems with stories he's told about visiting Iran as well.

Read the whole piece at this link.