'Did they not pay attention to the election?': Real Time panel lights up GOP for faux Trump-shaming
Bill Maher panel Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and Conservative Amy Holmes (Photo: Screen capture)

During the opening comments about the Nazi and Klan members marching in Charlottesville, Virginia, Gavin Newsom, Democratic Lt. Governor of California, wondered how it was possible the GOP didn't know this was who President Donald Trump was.

"Your crazy right-wing uncle who ruins Thanksgiving is now the president," said host Bill Maher. Roger Aisles didn't live to see the Promised Land. He is like a douchebag Moses who never saw how powerful Fox News is. This is all the president does all day is watch this sh*t and then parrot it."

Conservative Amy Holmes made the case that there are many on Fox News who go after Trump. Newsom explained that many of the folks on Fox News also give him pointers and talking points because they know he's watching.

"I mean, Fox and Friends, please, of all places, they're the ultimate manifestation of Bill's point," Newsom said.

Newsom noted that Trump isn't surprising anyone by behaving this way. "I mean, this is who Donald Trump is! For me, the reaction of people being appalled, including Sen. [Bob] Corker and others is very disingenuous. Did they not pay attention to this last election? Did they not pay attention to Donald Trump's entire career going back to 44 years of discrimination and the lawsuits he was up against? Did he not pay attention to what he said about immigrants being animals?"

Watch the full discussion below:

'Did they not pay attention to the election... by sarahburris