A segment on Fox Business Thursday accused MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid of devaluing the meaning of racism because she disagreed with President Donald Trump's immigration policy that prioritizes people who can speak English.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Reid explained that Trump administration policies were focused on turning back the clock on rights for non-whites by fighting Affirmative Action and pushing a pro-white immigration policy.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney and Washington Examiner reporter Lisa Boothe, who are both white, lashed out at Reid's tweet in a segment on Thursday.

"As soon as President Trump announced his plan for immigration reform," Varney scowled, "the left started to call the whole plan racist."

"It was predictable," he added. "As soon as you start any mention of immigration, you sir/madam are a racist. It was inevitable. But I think that charge -- you're a racist -- I think it's been used far too frequently and it's lost its sting."

"Exactly, Stuart," Boothe agreed. "If everyone's a racist, who's really a racist? And it's really sad because we've seen the left, particularly in the Trump era, everything is sexist, everything is racist. And as you mentioned, it really devalues those terms and the meaning behind those terms."

"And specifically, if you look at Joy Ann Reid, this is someone who is constantly injecting race into issues," Boothe said. "It really is disgusting."

Watch the clip below.